73rd Independence Day: Freedom From Top 20 Unhealthy Habits

Dr. Ajay Rotte    12-08-2019 Consult

Independence Day is a day of glory and pride for us Indians. Let's do something special on the 73th year of our Independence by freeing ourselves from these unhealthy habits. Gain independence from the below habits and live healthy:

1. Uncontrolled drinking
2. Smoking
3. Not sleeping enough
4. Eating in bed
5. Watching TV or phone before bedtime
6. Skipping breakfast
7. Staying inactive
8. Not having enough proteins
9. Having fried snacks
10. Not having 3 fruits and 4 vegetables every day
11. Taking elevator instead of stairs
12. Not drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water
13. Having aerated drinks
14. Not adding salad to a meal
15. Having green tea before bedtime
16. Not changing your bed linen often
17. Not brushing your teeth before bedtime
18. Not washing your hands before eating
19. Cooking in too much oil
20. Drinking tea empty stomach

Happy Independence Day !!


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