11 Reasons to Eat Muesli Everyday

Dr. Gulneer Puri    24-03-2021 Consult

What Is Muesli?

Muesli is a cereal mixture containing oats, wheat flakes, nuts, dried fruits, etc. It can be consumed in a porridge form by adding milk or in the dried form topped with fresh fruits, up to you totally. These health benefits of muesli would make you want to eat more!

1. Muesli is a diabetes-friendly food
Muesli is good for people who have diabetes as it keeps the calories in check. The lesser calories, the lower the risk.

2. Keeps you energetic all-day
Muesli is rich in quality carbohydrates which keeps your metabolism high throughout the day. You will stay pumped up round the clock keeping fatigue at bay.

3. Promotes weight loss
Both oats and wheat flakes are an excellent source of fibre. This makes it an exceptionally great meal if you are on a weight loss diet. Fibres better the bowel movements which thus improves digestion and controls constipation.

4. Rich in essential minerals
As muesli contains dried fruits and nuts, it is a rich source of good minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and selenium. All of these minerals are good for bone and tooth health. Your teeth and bones would become stronger if you consume muesli every day.

5. Manages blood pressure
Muesli is healthy for heart food which is known to regulate blood pressure levels thus keeping hypertension under check. The high fibre content in muesli helps lower cholesterol which keeps heart diseases at bay.

6. Boosts immunity of the body
The antioxidants present in muesli protect you from seasonal cough and cold along with strengthening the immune system. It improves the resistance of the body to survive seasonal attacks and makes you healthy & immune. 

7. Rich in antioxidants
Muesli has various kinds of antioxidants that protect the body from free radical damage. The power of antioxidants also slows down your body's aging process.

8. Powerhouse of vitamins
Muesli contains vitamin A, C, E and K, all of which are helpful in maintaining holistic health.

9. Excellent source of protein
Muesli a rich source of proteins that not only regulates various body functions but also builds muscles. 

10. Loaded with iron
Iron is undoubtedly one of the most important minerals that our body needs as it promotes the production of hemoglobin in blood. and also prevents fatigue and tiredness.

11. Rich in Omega-3-fatty acids
The nuts and fruits in muesli are rich in omega-3-fatty acids which is beneficial for securing skin, eye, hair and heart health.