4 Causes and Home Remedies for Drooling

Dr. Amar Amale    05-10-2019 Consult

Drooling means when the excess saliva comes out of the mouth. It can happen either while we are awake or asleep. This is an unhealthy condition known as hyper salvation which results in waking up in the messed up manner. It can be a serious neurological disorder as well which makes a person unable to hold the saliva in the mouth. Here are the 4 causes of drooling and home remedies to prevent it:

1. Nose blockage
When the nose is blocked due to cold, we tend to drool. It is due to the inability to breathe properly through the nose. Hence, we tend to breathe through our mouth. Thus, we drool while sleeping.

2. Sleeping position
If you sleep in the wrong position like on the stomach or on the sides too much, you may tend to drool. It leads to the accumulation of the saliva in the mouth which leads to drooling while sleeping.

3. The side effect of medicines
Some medicines contain drugs that lead to drooling. If someone is undergoing the problem of Alzheimer's, the problem of drooling is intense in them.

4. Sleep apnea
When the body is unable to breathe properly at night and occasionally troubles while sleeping, we often tend to drool at night.

Home remedies to get rid of drooling

1. Drinking a glass of water before sleeping and chewing some lemon wedge will help to get rid of drooling.

2. Make sure you sleep on the back to avoid the accumulation of saliva in the mouth.

3. Take steam before sleeping to open the clogged nose. It will help you to breathe through the nose instead of a mouth and will prevent drooling.