4 causes of Receding Gums

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    03-12-2019 Consult

Receding gum is a process in which the edges of the gum margin surrounding the teeth move away. So, it makes your teeth more exposed from the root and makes the gaps between the teeth and gum line become extremely sore. It opens more exposure to the disease, causing bacteria to build up plaque. Thus, it makes you suffer from various problems like damaged teeth, bacterial interference, inflammation, infection, etc. Here are some main causes of receding gums: 

1. Aggressive brushing techniques:
Do you brush your teeth aggressively? Many people do it and that is why they need to change their brush every month. If you become vigorous to your soft gums, then how can you expect that your oral health will remain healthy? Always use a soft or sensitive toothbrush for your teeth and gums. 

2. The genes:
If your genes are not supporting your oral health then it is not your fault. Some people are susceptible to gum diseases. So, in this, case, you should visit a dentist and find out the right way to make your gum aligned again and give you better oral health.

3. Periodontal diseases:
If your teeth and gums are suffering from a chronic bacterial infection, it will destroy your teeth roots and make the gums recede back from the margins. Visit a doctor for your periodontal teeth diseases.

4. Lack of dental care:
If your dental care is insufficient, you will suffer from gum receding problems. So, if your brushing is inadequate, it is one of the causes of Gum receding. If it remains the same, the plaque soon will turn into calculus which is a hard substance that builds between your teeth can create more serious problems. 

These are the possible causes of gum receding and one should visit the doctor first if any of the oral problems are there