4 main causes of Arm Numbness

Dr. Amar Amale    05-10-2019 Consult

When the feeling of numbness occurs in the arms and legs, is often termed as fallen asleep. This condition is called paresthesia. The feeling of numbness occurs when you put pressure on arms or have poor positioning while sleeping which prevents the blood flowing correctly to nerves which causes the feeling of numbness. Here are 4 main causes of arm numbness:

1. Vitamin B deficiency
The deficiency of vitamin B is the main reason for the feeling of numbness in arms while sleeping. People who are vegetarian or with certain digestive disorders, such as Celiac disease are more prone to vitamin B deficiency. 

2. Fluid retention
Fluid retention in the body causes swelling. Sometimes this swelling disrupts the blood circulation and triggers the feeling of numbness. The consumption of excessive salt intake and imbalanced hormones are the reasons for fluid retention in the body. 

3. Carpal tunnel syndrome
If you are feeling numbness in the hands along with arms then it may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when the median nerve is pinched. The main cause of carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by repeating the same motions repeatedly such as typing on the keyboard.

4. Diabetes
People who are suffering from diabetes are more prone to the risk of nerve damage. This condition is called nerve damage. Diabetic neuropathy is the main reason for the feeling of numbness.


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