4 Skin Problems Caused by Vitamin Deficiency

Dr. Mala Malik    22-05-2020 Consult

To keep the skin healthy, it is important that your body fight off free radicals and eliminate them, moreover, instead of old cells, produce new cells. Here are 4 skin problems that are caused by vitamin deficiency:

1. Pimples and Acne 

Acne is a common facial problem, often troubling boys and girls in puberty. Acne is believed to cause hormonal changes in the body at the age of 16 to 22 years. However, consuming too much oily and spicy foods can also cause acne. Add ginger, turmeric, olive oil, etc. to your diet to get rid of acne.

2. Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Excess of sugar and carbohydrates causes dark circles under your eyes and wrinkles on the face. White bread, white sugar (refined), white rice, wheat flour, etc. are some of the foods that increase the lifespan of your skin rapidly. Sugar destroys the skin collagen, which causes wrinkles. Avoid refined sugar. Also, limit the intake of carbohydrates.

3. Skin patches and psoriasis

Patches on the face and psoriasis can cause liver problems. The main function of the liver is to remove dirt and toxic elements from the body. If you are not hydrated, then your liver won't be able to clean the body properly, (due to which there is a problem of spots on the face). So to keep the skin clean, soft and beautiful, drink 3-4 liters of water daily.

4. Dark Lips

People usually have black lips due to smoking. Cigarettes not only cause cancer, but they can damage the ability of all your organs. Cigarette addiction can darken the lips as well as the gums. Lack of moisture on the skin can also cause black lips. To avoid this, apply moisturizer on your face and hands daily and quit this addiction.

Best Diet For Healthy Skin

1. Drinking enough water daily is very important to increase the glow and radiance of the skin. A healthy person should drink 3-4 liters of water in 1 day.

2. To keep the skin smooth, soft and glowing, eat a lot of citrus fruits and veggies like tomato, lemon, strawberry, amla, gooseberry, seasonal, orange, etc. All citrus fruits contain only a good amount of vitamin C, which increases your body's ability to fight free radicals.

3. Minimize the intake of oily and spicy food, as they spoil your health as well as damage your skin.

4. Include colored vegetables (not just green) in your diet. You can get lots of antioxidants from vegetables of different colors like brinjal, pumpkin, spinach, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc., which help keep the skin healthy.