5 Amazing Ways to Ease your Hangover

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    09-09-2019 Consult

If you are hungover and don't know what to do then here are some tricks which will help you sail through the day after as painlessly as probable. 

1. Cold Water

The sudden splash of cold water will give you much needed push. This rush provokes the quick production of adrenaline in the body. As a result, the adrenaline elevates your easiness for the hangover's effects. A headache and the profound sensation will steadily reduce. 

2. Water, Milk, Juice - Drink it all

Drinking, which weakens your body and makes you feel weighty, is one of the terrible after-effects of binging on drinks. So to avoid dehydration gulp tons of water and let it all be flushed. However, make sure you are not found near coffee in any case as it further aggravates a headache and dehydrates you. 

3. Sleepover your Drinks Rage

Even after taking proper medication, you still don't feel all right; then the super excellent solution to deal with it is to sleep on it. Even though, the main worry is, how do you put yourself to slumber with a severe migraine? 

Soothing musicPlay soft jazz or blues, even though urbane, these songs induce a sleepy feel, which assists you in your cause to recuperate from a hangover.

Puke the inside turmoil out: Puking is pretty rough, but it is the lesser of two ills when compared to an awful hangover. After puking, you will feel much relaxed, as all the toxins will be washed out of your system. Force it or let it come out with its flow, do it.

Scalp Massage: Tel maalish is one just going one step closer to heaven. Try it, and you'll be left asking for more.

4. Eat Through the Problem 

Fruits, which are full of vitamin C, are believed to combat the signs of a hangover. So keep fresh fruits like apple, banana, orange, and pear handy. Deal with dehydration, deal with your hangover. The secret food item here is bread. It will soak up the alcohol in your body.

5. Let the Liquids Find their Way Out 

Harmful and superfluous materials inside the body are detached in the process of sweating and urinating, together with the traces of ethanol from last night's alcohol spree.


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