5 Easy Tips To Get Sugar-Detox

Dr. Gulneer Puri    18-06-2020 Consult

Sugar is mostly found in all our beverages, smoothies, cookies, sweets, foods, and many more. Too much sugar in your diet can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and damage your immune system. Here are five ways through which you can easily get rid sugar-detox:

1. Make a distance from sugar
Not only avoid sugar cubes but also stay away from all types of sugar available in processed food and beverages. Ideally, a period of 10 days is advised to release any type of sugar.

2. Pay attention to protein
Eat a meal that has a lot of protein and fat. Since they take longer to absorb, they make you feel full longer and maintain your energy levels.

3. Avoid the use of artificial sweeteners
You may be asked to use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, but it is not beneficial. If you are calling for something sweet, then opt for natural fruits.

4. Eat everything
Avoid foods that come in packets, cans, or bottles. Whole foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, seeds and healthy fats will greatly help to curb your hunger.

5. Have a good sleep
The most essential is to get a night of good sleep to calm down the sugar summons. A good night's sleep can prove to be a miracle for your overall well-being.