5 Foods You Shouldn't Give to Children Below Age 10

Dr. Roli Munshi    22-11-2018 Consult

When it comes to your kids, everything needs extra care and a bit of reliable research. And when it comes to their diet, you have to be extra cautious as serving them the wrong kind of foods might be hazardous to their health. Here's a list of food you should not give to a 10 year old child:

1. Processed Meat
Most of the processed meat has to go through various chemical treatments to increase its shelf life. Other than this, the amount of salt is beyond normal and is not good for heart health. Processed meats are also known to cause bowel cancer. It is therefore recommended that it doesn't make it to your child's plate.

2. Soda
Carbonated beverages are not just dehydrating but also cause sugar disorder like diabetes. Soda depletes tooth enamel and makes tooth brittle. These beverages are also harmful to the gut of your kid.

3. Canned foods
Canned foods such as fish and pickled vegetables cause food poisoning. These foods also go through a lot of processing and are low in nutrients. So, it is better that they make a distance from your child's diet.

4. Refined oil
Refined oils are highly bleached and processed which erodes all the nutrients found in oils. They are not only low in nutrients but also high in trans-fat which causes cholesterol. Be a smart parent and use other healthier oils in your kitchen, that too in low amounts.

5. Caffeine
Caffeine may adversely affect the central nervous system in children. Kids may face sleep disturbances and difficulty concentrating. Caffeine may be addicting and cause long-term health problems.


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