5 Harmful effects of using Earphone everyday

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    28-11-2019 Consult

These days everyone is engaged with their earphones. Especially the younger generation spends all its time, simply listening to songs or talking using the earphones. People even use earphones when they are working or studying. Earphones have the capacity to cause hearing impairment and various other health hazards due to their excessive use. So, let's find out the side effects of wearing earphones all the time. 

1. Hearing problem
When you constantly wear earphones and listen to music on a very loud volume, then you are simply damaging your eardrums. The fact of the matter is that noise over 90 decibels is bad for your ear.  It can lead to a severe loss of hearing or even deafness. 

2. Leads to the exchange of germs
Do you realize that exchanging earphones means you are also exchanging the germs and possible ear infection with the person? It is important to clean the earphones before you exchange them.  

3. Not cleaning your own earphones
Your earphones sponge is constantly exposed to the outer world and over time it starts to accumulate all sorts of germs and microbes. So, if you don't clean it up, it leads to a possible ear infection.

4.Unaware of the outside world
Your ears are an important sense organ. They help you to have a better understanding of the outside environment. If you are using the earphones you are more prone to accidents as your hearing sense is not working. 

5. Lack of focus
Constantly hearing noises on the earphones decrease your sense of focus. So, you find it hard to concentrate on your work at hand.

So, limit your earphone time.