5 Reasons your Pectoralis Muscles are Flat

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    04-11-2019 Consult

Pectoralis muscle is a large muscle in the upper chest. The two pectoralis muscles are commonly known as pecs. These muscles create the bulk of the chest. The bulky chest makes your appearance muscular as well as attractive. Here are the five reasons why despite following all the exercises, some people have flat pecs muscle:

1. Too much focus on one rep max
Many people focus on how much weight they can lift in a single bench press rep instead of 7-12 rep in a set. Unless you are a powerlifter, stop lifting maximum weight in one rep and focus on 7-12 reps in one set.

2. Your feet aren't grounded
Many people believe that lifting feet up in the air while practicing bench press is more effective. But doing this is wrong, to reap maximum results from bench press place your feet on the ground.

3. Your torso position is off-kilter
 To increase pecs muscles it is mandatory to practice bench press while keeping the upper body in a proper position. For better results keep your ribcage high and a slight arc in the lower back.

4. You're using the wrong grip
To gain maximum results from the bench press, it is mandatory to hold the bar with the right grip. Always hold the bar with shoulder width or slightly wider apart.

5. You're not using the full range of motion
Many people did not use the full range of motion and practice half reps. This is wrong and will not help grow pec muscles. For better results light touch the bar to the chest and then push straight up to lockout.


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