5 Signs your Daily Commute makes you Sick

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    01-10-2019 Consult

Most of us travel on daily basis to go to our workplace. Commuting through public transport might save time and money but causes a lot of health issues. It is often stressful and leads to the transmission of a lot of germs as well as infections. Here are some of the clear signs which suggest that your daily commute is making you fall ill:

1. Skin looks aged
Daily commuting your skin look dull and lifeless. You tend to get aged skin even before you actually age. Wrinkles, suntan, dark spots, pimples, blackheads etc. become part of your life. This is all due to your hectic commuting schedule.

2. Low immunity
If you tend to fall ill on a frequent basis, you can blame your commuting. While commuting through a public transport, you get exposed to various germs and virus. Thus, cold, cough, food poisoning etc. keep happening to you.

3. Exhausted at the beginning of the day
Most of the times, you feel out of energy even at the beginning of the day. With the rush of travelling or commuting daily, you get exhausted as an when you reach the office. This makes you less productive and more tired.

4. Unable to sleep properly
There is so much that your daily commuting affects, that it does not even spare your beauty sleep. You tend to wake up early, no matter at what time you went off to bed. Setting an alarm before your usual wake up time becomes your habit. Thus, it affects your sleep routine.

5. Excess mental pressure
Not just at your office, you have to undergo mental pressure while you are commuting every day. This makes you mentally exhausted and weak. You can't do productive things much and sheerly waste your potential.


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