5 Surprising Signs of Dehydration

Dr. Puneet Madan    10-06-2020 Consult

If you're thirsty, that's the most obvious sign you're dehydrated, which is what happens when your body doesn't have enough fluid to perform at its peak. 

Thirst, fatigue, dizziness, or constipation are sure signs But the signs of dehydration aren't always so obvious. Here are six surprising signs and symptoms of dehydration:

1. Bad Breath

Saliva has antibacterial properties, but dehydration can prevent your body from making enough saliva which leads to bad breath.

2. Dry or Flushed Skin

When pinched, the skin of a dehydrated person may remain "tented" and take some time to return to its normal, flat appearance.

3. Muscle Cramps

When your body loses enough fluid, itís unable to cool itself off adequately, leading heat illness. One symptom to look out for is muscle cramps, which can happen while exercising, particularly in hot weather.

4. Fever and Chills

Other symptoms of heat illness include fever and chills. You may sweat profusely while your skin is cool to the touch.

5. Headaches

Although various factors besides dehydration can cause headaches, drinking a full glass of water and continuing to sip more fluids during the day is an easy way to ease your pain if, in fact, dehydration is a culprit.

As for your own well-being, remember that healthy bodies are composed of at least 60 percent water. Keep that healthy balance, and drink up!