6 Benefits of Tulsi for Herbal Immunity

Dt. Tanya Punchhi    01-08-2020 Consult

Fever Breaker: Tulsi is one such plant which has antibiotic, antibacterial, germicidal and fungicidal properties that cure fever. This plant works like magic on infections that lead to fever. Ayurveda has always promoted the use of Tulsi decoction to get rid of flu-like symptoms.

Diabetes Breaker: Tulsi is packed with essential oils that help pancreatic cells to function properly. In turn, this increases the sensitivity to insulin, making the body safe from diabetes. Tulsi is one of the best home remedies for those who have diabetes to keep blood sugar level in control. 

Heart Protector: As mentioned, tulsi helps keep stress levels in check. If the stress levels are in check, the heart remains healthy and safe of those many heart ailments that are caused due to stress.

Kidney Stone Dissolver: It acts as a great detoxifier by reducing the uric acid levels in the body. The essential oils in tulsi help in breaking down of kidney stones. Those suffering from kidney stone problems should take tulsi juice with a little honey as a natural remedy.

Skin Purifier: Tulsi can be eaten raw to keep skin clear and healthy. Also, it takes care of acne and blemishes on the face.
Works on Respiratory Issues: Tulsi manages the immune system, reduces cough and cold, reliefs chest from phlegm. The anti-inflammatory properties in it help treat several allergic reactions.