6 Sneaky Things That Might Be Killing Your Sex Drive

Dr. Chintan Solanki    14-06-2019 Consult

To help you better understand what might be causing a shift from your personal normal, I rounded up the various sex drive saboteurs you should know about.

1. You're skimping on sleep.

More sleep lead to higher levels of sexual desire and better arousal the next day. In fact, just one more hour of sleep is linked to a 14 percent increase in the odds that you would engage in sexual activity with a partner. Just another good reason to get some quality shut-eye every night. 

2. You're taking certain medications that affect sex drive.

Some medications, like antidepressants, blood pressure meds, and some oral or transdermal birth controls, are known to mess with sex drive. More and more, we're seeing women switching to IUDs for that reason. If you're taking any medications that list "decreased sex drive" as a side effect, go see your doctor to discuss other options that may not be as big of a dampener.

3. You tend to drink (a few) too many glasses of wine.

A few drinks may initially get you raring and ready to go, but soaking up too much can make your sex drive plummet. Alcohol may just make you pass out before the main event, or make you so tired your desire drops. Heavy drinking messes with the body in many major ways, one of which is inhibiting with hormone regulation in the reproductive system. 

4. You smoke cigarettes or do other drugs.

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it decreases blood flow throughout the body due to narrowing of blood vessels. Even though blood flow to the sex organs isn't as important as it is for men to become aroused, nicotine is linked to a drop in libido. Using other drugs can have a negative impact on your sex drive.

5. Lack of Physical Exercises

Exercise has been correlated with sexual drive. Since exercise helps us balance and stabilize physiological processes and hormones, that it can help with sex drive. There may also be a deeper psychological piece connected to confidence- physical activity can give you a serious self-esteem boost, which can translate to more confidence in bed.

6. Your stress levels are through the roof.

Stress pretty much ruins everything- your skin, your sleeping habits, and your sexy time. Stress makes you anxious, distracted, and throws hormones out of whack. Since stress affects sleep, it can also sabotage your sex life from that angle. When you're frustrated about having a low sex drive, you may stress about that, too. Talk about a vicious cycle.


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