7 Yoga Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Ms. Juhi Parashar    23-04-2020 Consult

Here are seven common yoga blunders that you should avoid to avert any serious complication.

1. Sitting in the front row

When you are learning, it is better to opt for the back row so that you can see what your instructor is teaching and what others are doing. You won't get this sitting in the front row. You might have to keep turning back to your instructor to see what's he doing as generally, they keep on rotating in the class to check on everybody.

2. Holding the breath for longer time

When doing breathing exercises, don't hold on to your breath for more than 30 seconds. Holding the breath for longer periods would affect oxygen supply which may lead to a choking sensation. Hold your breath until you can comfortably do that.

3. Alignment is important

One of the most important things about yoga is the right posture. A wrong alignment would not only destroy the purpose of your exercise but may also lead to impairments! One should be very careful when doing yoga at home or without an instructor.

4. Skipping Shavasana

Even though there is nothing special about this pose, it is one of the most important poses of a yoga session. This helps rejuvenate your body and allows quick recovery. Never skip it when doing a full session.

5. Not exercising the core

Most of the people commit the mistake of keeping their core at rest when doing yoga. This mistake increases the pressure on your lower body which may lead to back pain and other serious problems. It is very important to engage your core when performing yoga as then your complete body will be strengthened.

6. Doing yoga with your stomach full

Again, this is one of the major mistakes that people commit. Doing yoga with a heavy stomach would affect your speed and metabolism. Also, you shouldn't exercise with an empty stomach either. It is better to eat light before going for your yoga class. Consume healthy snacks before the yoga session to boost your stamina keep you charged without making your stomach feel full & bloated.

.7 Don't push yourself

We understand that you would want to reap quick results but don't push your body for that. This might backfire. Don't rush as it is not going to do any good to you. Be slow and easy when starting and steadily increase your speed. This way, your body would easily adjust to the changes and would produce desired results.