Best Ways to Improve Cardio Workout

Dr. Amar Amale    18-05-2020 Consult

Practising cardio in an appropriate way is beneficial to yield the best results. Following some tips, you can reap the best results at the earliest.

1. Track your heart rate

Tracking your heart rate is very beneficial during the cardio workout as it helps you to track changes in your workout and make it more structured. 

2. Build cardiac strength

As a conditioned cardiac system quickly adopt any exercise intensity, so set a treadmill for a quick pace. When your heart rate is paced then slow down to light walking. The walking will give time to your body for recovering. Walk until your heart rate drops and then repeat.

3. Train your threshold

Anaerobic threshold is a heart rate at which you no longer can bring enough oxygen to support intensity. Working on your threshold helps you to build capacity. The higher capacity will improve your cardio.

4. Practice moderate cardio

Practising cardio at a moderate pace increase blood flow to working muscles. Perfect for a day in between hard lifting session.

5. Focus on heart rate recovery

Instead if tracking how the body reacts during intense workout track how quickly your heart rate drops. Aim for a drop of an at least 10 beats at the minute mark.