Drink Water the First Thing in the Morning

Dr. Amar Amale    16-05-2018 Consult

As we all know that our body is mostly made up of water. So for starting a day, it is essential to drink plenty of water. When the body does not meet the required limit of water, it reflects many short terms and long term health consequences. Here are some reasons why you have to drink water after waking up.

i) Makes your body toxin free:
When we drink water, it naturally let the bowels move inside our body. At night the body repairs and separates all the toxins. So, in the morning when we drink water, it flushes out all the accumulates toxins from the body.  Automatically your body becomes fresh and healthy. Moreover, drinking a nice amount of water helps in increasing the production of our muscle cells.

ii) Boosts the Metabolism:
You may not know that drinking water in an empty stomach in the morning can boost your metabolism rate upto 25 percent. It is extremely necessary for those who are following a strict diet to lose weight. If your metabolism rate is good and increased that means your system is efficient in good digestion. Also, drinking water in the morning helps you to absorb all the nutrients by purifying the colon.

iii) Clears the brain function:
The fun fact is, a brain is 75 percent of water. Hence, without water, the brain function will not work properly. If you are drinking enough water you brain function will be at its optimal level. A glass of water in the morning will make you feel sharp and clear throughout the day.

iv) Great skin and complexion:
If you do not drink enough water, there is a sure shot chance of having dehydration in your body. Dehydration causes premature wrinkles and deep pores in the skin. Drinking 500 ml of water on an empty stomach boosts the blood flow in the skin and brings glow. Also, water flushes out the toxins, which makes the skin more radiant and clean.