Fight the Delhi Smog!

Dr. Amarjeet Bhatia    07-11-2016 Consult

The national capital, New Delhi, has turned into a gas chamber post Diwali, thanks to the excessive cracker bursting. As the capital remains enveloped in a thick smog and you can literally smell the pollution in the air, the need of the hour is to contain the situation and minimize the damage.

Pollution in Delhi peaks during Diwali as a hazardous mix of noxious gases and pollutants hang very close to the surface. Experts had warned that pollution during this year's Diwali was expected to be worse than the last two years because of a combination of adverse factors like slow wind speed and moisture in the air, a major hindrance in the dispersion of suspended pollutants.

In Delhi, smoke from fireworks contains a high concentration of tiny pollution particles called PM2.5, or "fine particle pollution" which are small enough to be inhaled into the lungs and are particularly dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution causes more than 3 million deaths a year and India is among the two most-polluted countries in the world. The Ministry for Science and Technology in India described the air quality after the festival celebrations in Delhi as severe.

Here are some absolutely necessary measures we must take to deal with this poisonous air we are breathing.

Exercise indoors:
Let's face it, we all badly want to shed the Diwali sweets weight, but steer clear of exercising in the open for a while.  Yes, for once exercise will actually be harmful. When we exercise, our breathing gets heavier and we take in more air to work those muscles. Pollutants can wreak havoc with your system at this time. Say no to morning walks for the time being.

Wear a facemask:
No matter how silly it seems to you wearing a mask, but a simple pollution mask available at any pharmacy, can decrease the amount of pollutants you inhale in.

Say yes to Carpool: 
Minimizing the traffic on the road can greatly help decrease the overall pollution levels in the city. A clear example was the Delhi odd-even rule which saw a significant reduction in the pollution levels.

Drink lots of water:
Drink plenty of water as it will clear your air ways and also take Vitamin C Tablets, drink ginger-tulsi tea and eat food which is rich in antioxidants. They help improving the immunity and fight diseases.

Moisturize Your Body And Nostrils:
Much of the pollution we intake is through breathing. As ludicrous as it sounds, apply some mustard or olive oil in the nostrils when heading out. The oil will trap particulate matter and other dust particles that are suspended in the air.  Dry skin is more prone to infections and dust, so make sure you keep your skin well hydrated at all times. 

Keep using your Air conditioners at home and while travelling:
Though the temperature is falling but it is better to still keep the air conditioner on because it filtrates the air to some extent. Make sure the AC filters are clean.

Avoid going outside at night:
Lower the temperature, worse the pollution. Particulate matter stays suspended in the cold wind which is why it is better to stay indoors at night.

Use plants to naturally purify the air entering your houses or office buildings:
Buy some potted plants for that balcony of yours if you don't already have them. Everybody knows plants give out oxygen, something we terribly need right now. Having plants right outside your home will purify the air that enters your house. The money plant is one type that is known to purify the air of benzene, toluene and formaldehyde.

A recent report from UNICEF says 2 billion children live in areas with elevated air pollution, with nearly a third of them in South Asia. The report also says some 300 million kids are exposed to air pollution levels that are toxic, or six times higher than WHO standards. Desperate times call for desperate measures! It is very crucial for all of us to realize the intensity of the situation and do our bits to curb the pollution!



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