Garlic Magic: Top 8 Health Benefits of Garlic

Dt. Pushpanjali Bangam    18-12-2017 Consult

Garlic is a powerhouse of nutrients and contains a little bit of everything that we need from our diet. It helps boost our immune system and helps protect against various ailments which act as a threat. Due to its numerous health promoting factors, garlic is a must have in one's diet.

Some of the benefits of garlic are as follows:

1. Garlic Can Reduce Blood Pressure
High blood pressure levels are the drivers of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and heart diseases which are giant life-takers in the society. Garlic can play an effective role in the reduction of blood pressure levels. 

2. Reduces Cholesterol Levels
There are two types of cholesterols found in our body. One is called the LDL or 'bad cholesterol' and the other is called HDL or 'good cholesterol'. It has been scientifically proven that garlic keeps the LDL cholesterol levels down just like its cousin onion. It has been highly recommended to take garlic in optimum amounts to keep the cholesterol levels significantly down. 

3. Garlic - The Brain Doctor
Free radicals are the biological toxic wastes produced by our body throughout our lives. These free radicals affect the different organs in our body and are responsible for our aging. The brain being no exception also keeps getting affected by the free radicals and fall prey to various degenerative diseases like the Alzheimer's. Garlic contains anti-oxidative properties which can protect the brain cells from the oxidative damage of the free radicals. 

4. Increases The Average Life Expectancy
Garlic contains anti-oxidants that fight against free radicals from damaging the body significantly, moreover owing to its capacity to regenerate body tissues it keeps the organs of the body to keep functioning properly. Garlic helps in keeping the blood cholesterol levels down and by doing so prevents major cardiovascular and heart disease. Owing to the several health benefits provided by it, the overall life-span of individual increases.

5. Garlic Detoxifies The Body
Heavy metal toxicity is one of the causes of failures of the human body. Heavy metal toxicity can affect humans in various ways and can bring about organ failures. Garlic contains a high content of sulfur compounds which acts extensively as a resistance against such risks. 

6. Acts as a Resistant to Cancer
Garlic has been known to prevent cancer, especially in the digestive system and lungs. Garlic is very rich in sulfur compounds which acts as an ally in preventing the growth of cancerous cells. It has also been seen to prevent the growth of several tumors by arresting their growth. People who have a family background of falling prey to cancer are recommended to take garlic regularly in order to prevent the chances of developing cancer. It is advisable to use garlic rather than its extracts as the former gives better results.

7. Boosts The Immunity System
The nutritional capacity of garlic being excellent and having anti-oxidant properties as an add-on is the perfect dietary component to boost up our immune system. Garlic prevents free radicals from settling on our skin and thus prevents wrinkles. It also prevents the free radicals from affecting our organs which degrades their longevity and their functional capability. 

8. Helps The Digestive System
Regular use of garlic helps in promoting the digestive system of the body. The mucous membranes which secrete digestive juices that help in digestion can be stimulated by the regular use of garlic. Toxins are a huge cause of the body getting susceptible to harm. It also plays an effective role in protecting the liver against harm. In spite of the above beneficial factors, garlic should not be taken in excess as it may act as an irritant to the digestive tract.