Glowing Skin Secrets You Need to Know

Dr. Khushbu Jain    16-05-2020 Consult

There are some natural ingredients available at home which we must freeze and apply on the skin to get an instantly radiant skin.

1. Ice cubes

Nothing is better than applying an ice cube to the face. It instantly helps to beat the fatigue on the face and reduces puffiness under the eyes. Daily application of ice on the face, give instantly glowing skin.

2. Frozen fruit juice

Fruits are great for the health of the skin. Try to freeze the fruit juice and then apply it over on your face. Fruit juices like orange juice, papaya juice, watermelon juice, lemon juice etc. help the skin in multiple ways.

3. Green tea

We all know that green tea is loaded with antioxidants and help to open the clogged pores of the face. It even reduces skin pigmentation and inflammation. Thus, freeze some green tea and apply it to your face and see the magic.

4. Coconut water

Freeze coconut water and prevent the risk of acne on the skin. Coconut water too has antioxidants and help to reduce the puffiness of the eyes. It also works as a toner for the skin.

5. Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood helps to heal the skin and prevents pigmentation as well as allergy. Freezing sandalwood or cooling it in the fridge help to get an instant glow on the skin. It even helps to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines etc.