Healthy Food With Unusual Effects

Dr. Prashant Jain    28-02-2016 Consult

Although healthy foods have positive effects on the body, some products cause certain changes as changing the smell of urine, sleeping problems, and reduce sperm quality. Healthy food has really phenomenal benefits for your mental and physical health, but it has some nous appearance.
Find out who are the good, the bad and the bizarre side effects of healthy food:
  1. Asparagus affects the smell of your urine - Why does urine smell so bad after eating asparagus? Because asparagus contains a sulphurous compound called mercaptan, and when your digestive system breaks down mercaptan, by-products are released that cause the strange smell. But this side effect doesn't spear at all consume asparagus. So, according to studies, if you urinate immediately after eating asparagus, then your body digest well so that it reduces the concentration of the chemical, or you just don't feel that the smell of your urine is changed.
  2. Beets increase endurance - Beetroot juice boosts stamina during exercise. Nitrates from beetroot dilate blood vessels, reduces the level of oxygen that your muscles require while exercising.
  3. Orange and yellow products lead to better quality sperm.
  4. Carrots and other orange-yellow products containing carotenoids can improve your fertility.
  5. Potato and melon increase the number and quality of sperms, and carrots are champions because they increase the performance of semen of 6.6 to 8%.
  6. Hot sauces disturb the sleep cycle - If you prefer spicy sauces, you should avoid eating before bedtime. Some research have shown that men who consumed hot sauce or mustard before they go to bed, they suffer from sleep disorders.
  7. Pomegranate for better erections - Pomegranate is rich with antioxidants that improve blood circulation, and the erection. The results of one of the research have shown that 47% of respondents who drank 226 grams of pomegranate juice before they go to bed had better erections.
  8. Cherry improves brain function - This red fruit may protect your brain and slow the degenerative brain disease.
  9. Indigestion - Experts say that garlic, lemon and tomatoes can irritate your stomach and cause indigestion. To avoid this effect it is necessary above mentioned products to be cooked.
  10. Soy reduces sperm count and increases breast - If you eat too much soy you can cause adverse effects. Men, who consumed half of soy-based meal, every day for three months, have 41 million ml sperm less than men who did not eat soy. For this result are responsible isoflavone compounds who have estrogen effect. Soy is also associated with the male breast increase.