How to Deal With Obesity in Kids?

Dr. Gulneer Puri    06-12-2018 Consult

Obesity is becoming a serious problem day after day. It is not only adults who are affected by it, but kids as well. Keeping in view the current lifestyle habits of children.

1. Do not keep them Starving
Be it, adults or kids, starving is no solution to obesity. In fact, kids need jumbo energy to keep going in their everyday chores and activities, and cutting their meals could affect adversely, even leading to severe iron deficiencies and other problems.

2. Cut on Fast-food
Obesity in kids is mostly because of consumption of fast food and packaged food items. Cut these from their diet and try to include healthier homemade versions. For example, make them a healthy burger by adding veggies, baked potatoes instead of offering fried chips, etc.

3. Feed frequently in limited portions
Do not take too much gap between meals. Keep them feeding at an interval of 3 hours, in small portions. This will keep their weight in check while maintaining the daily calorie intake required.

4. Watch out their physical activities
Kids these days are no more active like they used to be a decade before. Try to keep them away for a while from computers, gadgets, or even books. Take them out for errands (walking), parks for playing, and engage them in other physical activities.

These are some easy and effective tips which you can adopt as a lifestyle to make sure that your child is healthier and happier. If that doesn't work, you might need specialist help.


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