How to Fight Anaemia using Superfoods

Dr. Nancy Malik    29-05-2019 Consult

When red blood cells, i.e., the number of red blood cells are low in blood and the level of haemoglobin decreases in blood. This leads to Anaemia. There are superfoods to fight it.

Superfoods to fight anaemia

1. Soybean

Different types of beans are an amazing source of iron. Beans contain citric acid which prevents iron absorption. Therefore, soaking it in hot water overnight is the best way to eat it. Soybean is rich in iron as well as low-fat, hyper-protein, which protects the body from anaemia.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains high amounts of iron. There are many types of vitamin B, especially vitamin B12 in the fortified oatmeal. By consuming oatmeal daily, the consumption of iron increases to 60 per cent. Therefore, it helps with anaemia.  

3. Eggs

There are plenty of anti-oxidants in the egg. Consumption of egg helps with anaemia. Therefore, egg intake is beneficial for people with anaemia. 

4. Peanut butter

A good source of iron is peanut butter. Only 2 spoons of peanut butter contain 0.6 mg iron. For a young person, its 8 mg and 18 mg volume are needed for the woman. This can be a perfect treatment and a good breakfast for anaemia.

5. Tomato

Tomato is rich in vitamin C, which is essential vitamins to fight anaemia. Due to being a good source of iron, the tomato is useful to remove anaemia from the body. Tomatoes also contain vitamin E and beta-carotene, so its consumption is beneficial for hair and skin.


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