How to Reduce Black Spots on the Lips

Dr. Khushbu Jain    12-08-2019 Consult

Instead of using beauty products to reduce black spots on your lips, using home remedies can prove to be a better option for you.

1. Almond oil

Rub the almond oil on the lips with the help of fingers and leave overnight. Repeat this procedure on a daily basis. Almond oil contains a bleaching agent that keeps the lips hydrated and reduces black spots.

2. Lemon and honey

Mix 1-2 drops of honey in 1-2 drops of lemon juice and apply it on the lips and leave for 10 minutes and then wash. Repeat this method twice a day for better results. Lemon and honey have antiseptic properties and bleaching agents that protect the lips and also help reduce black spots easily.

3. Sugar Scrub

Mix 1 lemon juice in a spoonful of sugar and scrub it on lips for 3-4 minutes. Wash now. Repeat this method 2-3 times a week for better results. Scrubbing exposes your lips, reducing dead skin and dark spots. It also develops new cells.

4. Cucumber juice

Apply the cucumber juice to the lips and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it with water. Repeat this method twice a day for better results. The cucumber has bleaching and hydrating properties, which reduces black spots and also helps in moisturizing the lips.


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