How to Treat Oily Hair Naturally?

Dr. Puneet Madan    14-06-2019 Consult

Oily hair is a nightmare for many people. Before trying remedies to overcome oiliness, one should be aware about certain facts. It is not the hair, but scalp that is oily. 

Scalp has sebaceous glands that produce oil which slithers down the hair. The number of sebaceous glands is proportional to hair density. Here are some tips and home remedies for oily hair:

1. Shampoo

Wash hair daily without any hesitation. Use shampoos that are mild in nature. Its pH should be above 6.7. Alkaline substances remove oiliness. Best is to choose shampoos meant for oily hair and daily use.

Avoid shampoos having conditioners and conditioning hair altogether as conditioners tend to stay on hair, helping oil retention and adding to the greasiness of hair.

2. Lemon / vinegar rinse

Mix one tablespoon of vinegar /strained juice of one lemon in a cup of water and use.

3. Tea leaves

Boil the used tea leaves in water and strain the solution and use.

4. Combing

Do not brush hair. Also forget the 100 strokes formula. Combing increases friction and hence oil production.

5. Health and stress

Stress affects the body and hair. Hence, it is important to maintain overall health. Regular exercise and healthy diet help in maintaining good health.

All the above mentioned remedies are natural yet one must be careful while trying, as some may not be suitable for certain hair type.


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