Important Exercises to Cope with Depression

Ms. Piya Ganguly    29-05-2019 Consult

Exercise helps to release the stress from the body and make us help to fight the depression. Not only medications but a proper fitness and exercise regime can help to come out of the clutches of depression.

How does exercise help in reducing depression?

1. Reduces stress from life

2. Solves the problem of anxiety

3. Helps in better sleep

4. Helps to boost self-confidence

5. It provides energy and makes the heart stronger

6. It helps us to reduce weight and get a perfectly toned body

7. It makes the bones healthy and strong

What are the kinds of exercises one should do while depressed?

1. Yoga

2. Dancing

3. Walking

4. Running

5. Swimming

6. Jogging

7. Playing outdoor games like tennis, badminton, football

8. Biking

Some tips for carrying out the exercises:

1. One should set a fitness regime under the guidance of a health expert.

2. Start taking up light exercises at first and then gradually increase the duration.

3. Always take up things that make you happy and you love to do.

4. Don't undertake something that leaves you more stressful and in excessive pain.

5. Don't entertain monotony in your life. Add some spice by changing the type of exercises you take up.

6. Don't give up your fitness regime, follow it by heart to get the best results. Make it your passion and soon you will be out of depression.

7. Join some social group and make friends who are much into fitness. Being involved with them will help you to undertake good exercises and stay fit and happy.


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