Problems You Can Solve With Oatmeal

Dr. Khushbu Jain    07-08-2019 Consult

There are multiple health as well as household problems where oatmeal acts as a great home remedy. Read ahead to find out what are they.

1. General skin issues 

A lot of girls face multiple skin problems like breakouts, uneven tone, dry skin, etc. Oatmeal is said to counter them all in a go. Prepare oatmeal scrub using oatmeal powder, baking soda, and water. Apply it all over your face and gently scrub. This will remove the dead skin cells layer and begin the skin healing process.

2. Get rid of acne

If you have acne-prone skin and no product or treatment seems to be working out, try oatmeal. It is said to possess anti-bacterial properties which help in removing acne. You can make an oatmeal paste using oatmeal powder and milk and use it twice a week. You may also add tea tree oil and honey to the mix for added benefits.

3. Reduce Stress

An oatmeal bath is extremely therapeutic. You can go for it whenever you are stressed or tensed. This will relax your mind and muscles. Add some milk, honey and essential oil to the bathtub for a more relaxing experience.

4. Treat facial exhaustion

Stressful schedule and polluted environment damage your face. It thus promotes premature aging of the skin where wrinkles, fine lines like aging signs start to show up. You can prevent this from happening with using an oatmeal face mask for complete rejuvenation.

5. Remove foul smell from fridge and ashtrays

Just how it is shown to capture odor from skin and hair, oatmeal can effectively reduce the foul smell from your refrigerator and ashtrays. Just keep an open box of oats in the fridge or the area that you want to smell fresh again.


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