Risks of Eating Raw Sprouts

Dr. Gulneer Puri    02-08-2019 Consult

Take a look at the potential risks of eating raw sprouts and share the work with your near and dear ones.

1 Raw sprouts may have harmful bacteria

As we all know, sprouts grow only in a warm and humid climate. Thus, the chances of bacteria thriving in them are high. While it may seem to you that consuming raw sprouts is amazing, in reality, it is alarming.

2 Bacterial growth causes food poisoning

One is at risk of getting food poisoning is he or she eats raw sprouts on a daily basis. The seeds of these sprouts easily harbor harmful bacteria which can upset your stomach and disturb your intestinal health.

3 It weakens the immune system of your body

While this is important for all, old people, children and pregnant women are especially advised not to consume raw sprouts. As these are contaminated, it would make your body weak and prone to diseases. Hence, it is obligatory to cook them before consumption so as to avoid health hazards.

4 May cause multiple diseases

As told in the previous pointers, it is very crucial to consume raw sprouts on a daily basis. It is likely to provoke severe health problems such as miscarriage, kidney failure, heart attack, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Sprouts do offer a myriad of health benefits like

-Strengthen hair by reducing hair problems
-Delay premature graying of hair
-Betters blood flow in the body
-Manages cholesterol levels
-Improves eyesight
-Aids weight loss
-Improves digestive functions
-Treats anemia
-Boosts metabolism
-Overall great for skin health

But you are not supposed to eat uncooked sprouts. Clearly, it is not healthy. Sprouts require proper temperature and time control to preserve their nutrient value and food safety which is not easy to watch. 


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