Say Goodbye to Bad Breath

Dt. Tanya Punchhi    02-11-2017 Consult

Have to go for an interview and your mouth literally stinks? You have a meeting and the mouth is filled with odor? Then you are surely suffering from a condition called halitosis. 

Let us understand why your mouth can actually stink.

Your mouth is actually a home for about 600 bacteria which are capable of producing smelly gases when they digest the food particles left on your tongue and in between the teeth after a meal. 

What's more?

These bacteria produce sulfur gases which are intolerable and make the mouth a stinky ground. Foods like garlic and onion also contain sulfur compounds and hence the odor is difficult to mask.No matter how many chewing gums and mouth sprays you use the smelly thing is here to stay for long.

But why do you actually suffer from halitosis? 

Poor oral hygiene, medical conditions and bad dietary habits can be visible causes of a smelly mouth.Now the question here is how do you get rid of the smelliness which has made space in your mouth from quite some-time? While gums ,mints and mouth sprays would give you short term relief certain foods can help you considerably in getting rid of the long term issue.

Here are 4 foods which can help you in getting rid of a stinky mouth-

1. Green tea

The antioxidants in green tea i.e  polyphenols can help in decreasing the growth of bacteria which are capable of producing smelly sulfur gases.Various studies carried out on green tea have shown that green tea  is extremely useful if you need to get rid of bad breath. So if you are heading for an important meeting or have an appointment go ahead and brew a mug of fresh green tea and say bye bye to the oral bacteria who have been making your mouth a dirty work site since long.

2. Cinnamon

This spice has been endowed with various benefits one of those being warding off bad breath.Cinnamon is capable of killing the awful bacteria which have made your mouth a permanent house.So rather than chewing a gum or mouth-spray,munch on a small stick of cinnamon and see the stinky breath going away in no time.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded  with an array of benefits and the most important of all is the presence of probiotics. Probiotic bacteria is capable of reducing the production of hydrogen sulfide which is produced by the oral nasty bacterium clan. Make sure you consume 2 servings of fresh unflavored yogurt in a day. Flavored varieties are loaded with sugar and sugar can further deteriorate the condition leading to a foul smelling mouth. 

4. Cherries

Cherries are a great source of vitamin C.It makes the environment unfavorable for the growth of foul smell producing bacteria ,thereby leading to a lovely and fragrant mouth.So eat foods which are breath friendly to avoid bad breath.Have it as a snack or before an important meeting and stay assured that your mouth would smell of some lovely berries rather than garlic or onion.

Smile without any fear :)