Signs and Symptoms of Infection in the Kidney

Dr. Ajay Rotte    04-07-2019 Consult

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body. They help to flush out the toxins to make the body healthy. Let's discuss the signs and symptoms of kidney infection.

1. The urge of frequent urination

If you do not increase your liquid intake but the frequency of urination has increased drastically, then it is a clear sign of kidney infection. It might be due to bacterial interference which gets inflamed and causes the frequent urge to urinate.

2. Back pain

The inflammation and infection in the kidney lead to back pain. If you feel a sudden pain in the back, do not ignore it. A prolonged back pain might indicate a severe infection in the kidneys.

3. Blood in urine

Blood in the urine along with some unusual smell is clear of kidney infection. Bleeding in the urine might be less, but do not ignore it. This is again due to bacterial interference and inflammation in the kidneys.

4. Pain while urinating

A severe burning sensation while passing the urine might indicate a kidney infection. People often ignore it but one should immediately visit the doctor. This happens due to inflammation in the kidneys and the bladder as well.

5. Smell while urinating

Often urine does not smell unusual or foul. If all of a sudden you tend to witness some strange smell coming from your urine, you must not ignore it. This shows you have infected kidneys and you need medical attention.


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