Skincare Tips for this Summer

Dr. Gaurang Gupta    01-07-2017 Consult

Having clear, smooth skin can be a huge confidence boost. Whether attending a party, interview, or just for everyday life, having nice skin can make you feel confident and beautiful. Here are a few tips on how to keep your skin clear and healthy. 
1. Remove Makeup -  Wearing makeup for hours on end can clog your pores and create oils that result in acne or pimples. To avoid this, make sure that you remove your makeup thoroughly. Begin with a makeup wipe, and remove foundation and powder. Then dampen the wipe with micellar water to really clean out your pores. Finally, use a gentle acne wash or face cleanser to wash your face. Although tedious, following this routine will ensure that all of your makeup is removed and your skin can breath. 
2. Drinking Water - Doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day in order for your body to function properly. Other than helping with bodily functions, water can also clear up your skin and prevent acne and blackheads. Water helps flush out harmful chemicals and toxins, leaving your skin clean and fresh. Additionally, water helps hydrate skin, especially in the scorching heat of summer, ensuring that your skin is smooth and supple. 
3. Using Sensitive MakeupWhen wearing makeup, it is important to choose makeup that is safe for your skin. Overloading your skin with excessive chemicals day in and day out can leave it looking lackluster and lifeless. Instead of wearing a heavy foundation everyday, try wearing a tinted moisturizer and pressed powder. As discussed before, makeup also clogs your pores and prevents your skin from being able to breathe. 
4. Deep cleaningOn a daily basis, you should use a gentle face cleanser and light moisturizer, but occasionally a deep cleanse is required. First, remove all makeup and start with a clean face. Then, use a face scrub to exfoliate (try to use that uses natural products rather than plastic microbeads). Exfoliation helps remove dead skin and will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Next, remove blackheads and use a pore strip to minimize the appearance of pores. Now, if you want you can use a face mask that is targeted towards your needs (dark spots, under eye bags, dark circles, acne, etc.) Finally, finish with a hydrating, thicker moisturizer. Following this skin care routine once a week can help the health of your skin and can be a nice pampering session! 
5. Eating rightThe food we eat is reflected in the quality of our skin. Frequently eating greasy, fatty food can leave our skin feeling dry and lifeless. Even with a busy lifestyle , try to incorporate these foods in your diet to make your skin look beautiful. 
Chocolate (in limited amounts): hydrates your skin and makes it more firm and supple 
Yogurt: helps skin get firmer and prevents wrinkles 
Pomegranates: makes your cheeks rosy, moisturizes, and removes fine lines 
Walnuts (a handful a day): smooths skin down and produces collagen 
Peppers: can smooth fine lines and prevent crows feet