Smoking & Sexual Health - How Are They Related?

Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal    11-08-2016 Consult

Smoking effectively poses a well-known risk to cardiovascular health. Given that circulation problems are the main physical cause of erectile dysfunction, it is clear that nicotine and tobacco will have a very negative impact on the sexual health of a smoker thanks to their detrimental effects on blood supply.

Smoking is either the cause or a risk factor for numerous physical ailments of the human body.  Male sexuality is no exception to this notion.  Luckily smoking is less of a problem than in the past because about half as many men smoke today as in the past, with even less women smoking than in the past.  However, about 24% of men still smoke and other men can be exposed to secondhand smoke, so this deadly habit still remains a health concern for men and their significant others.  Smoking is particularly relevant to teenage males because this is the period when most men and women begin a habit, often to deal with stress associated with home or school, that can last for decades to come.  Smoking interferes with all aspects of a man's sexual health from initial attraction to sexual performance and beyond. 

Smoking has never been the habit that one was endorsed to cultivate, least indulge in. Over the years, the maladies associated with smoking have been increasing at an alarming rate and its ability to harm one's sexual life has not been discounted.

According to doctors, the habit induces certain deficiencies in both the sexes, especially in men. Some of them are-

1. Causes Erectile Dysfunction: It is a known fact that smoking constricts the arteries, therefore indulging in this habit rather excessively causes less blood to flow to the penis. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction wherein men suffer from problems of erection.

2. Diminishes Libido: If research is to be believed, smoking significantly decreases sexual urges in men. Those who smoke for a long period of time take longer time than usual for arousal and also have lesser desire than the ones who do not smoke.

3. Damages their Sexual Performance: According to doctors, smoking on a regular basis can hamper your sexual performance. Notwithstanding the fact that the habit leads to a stark decline in the urge of an individual, it also significantly damages their performance in bed.

4. Extracts Less Satisfaction: Those who smoke are said to derive lesser satisfaction from sex than those who are not tied to this habit.

5. Lower Sperm Counts: Among a host of other disadvantages, smoking may also lead to infertility. It is now a well established fact that smoking significantly reduces sperm count in men thereby posing a threat of infertility.