What Causes Low Sexual Stamina in Men?

Dr. Renu Khandelwal    06-09-2017 Consult

Believe it or not, low sexual stamina is one of several conditions that fall under the umbrella of sexual health and performance problems and can be diagnosed. Men suffering from low sexual stamina should be comforted by the knowledge that this condition can be easily treated. Although each individual's stamina issues are unique, a variety of treatment methods have been developed that can reduce the physical symptoms of this particular medical condition.

I've included information about some of the most common factors contributing to decreased sexual stamina below.

1. Illness
Although medical illnesses may not directly affect blood flow to the penis or hormonal levels, detrimental medical conditions will typically drain energy levels, culminating in decreased physical endurance during sex. That being said, men suffering from this sexual performance problem as a result of illness should be confident in the knowledge that their stamina levels will most likely return to normal as their illness recedes.

2. Drug Abuse
Not only can drug abuse lead to a variety of hazardous and life-threatening medical problems, it can also significantly affect sexual stamina levels. Depending on the particular drug that is abused, men may experience vascular problems, a loss of energy, and abnormal hormonal fluctuations as a consequence of their destructive habits. 

3. Low Spirits
For some men, depression is linked to a decrease in testosterone levels. As testosterone has been shown to directly influence male libido, depression may indicate reduced testosterone and, as a result, decreased sexual stamina.
Hormone therapy treatments have commonly been used to treat testosterone deficiencies in men. For those who are experiencing depression as a result of other psychological problems, medical professionals may recommend either convention or sex therapy in order to resolve these embedded mental health issues.

4. Poor Lifestyle Choices
Both diet and exercise can dramatically affect sexual stamina levels in men. For those who remain relatively immobile and choose to consume low-quality junk food, they may suffer from decreased sexual stamina. Adopting a routine exercise plan and health diet can help men return to their expected levels of sexual stamina at any point in their life, regardless of age.

5. Self-Confidence Problems
Men suffering from a lack of self-confidence are more prone to sexual stamina issues than those who maintain a positive self-image. Sex therapists can help men overcome their problems and return to standard levels of performance.

In order to determine the appropriate treatment methods for men suffering from low sexual stamina, medical professionals will first attempt to deduce what the cause of the problem may be.