What to do in case of wasp or bee sting immediately!

Dr. Amar Amale    02-12-2019 Consult

When a bee or wasp stings you, it leaves a venomous toxin that leads to the allergic reaction. In the worst-case scenario, allergic relations can turn fatal. Therefore, you must seek medical help immediately. In case of a non-allergic reaction follow these steps immediately to get rid of pain and the sting.

1. Eliminate the stinger
Scrape the area with an object with an edge like a debit card. However, donít pinch the stinger. It injects more venom.

2. Put Ice
You must control the swelling in the area. So, use a cube of ice to control the swelling. Remove any tight-fitting jewelry.

3. Honey
Honey can be a wonderful help when it comes to treating pain. Simply apply the honey to the area. Leave it for an hour, it will help to control the pain.

4. Baking Soda
The paste of baking and water help to neutralize bee sting. It reduces pain and swelling. Cover the area with the paste and then apply a bandage. Leave the paste on for 15 minutes.