Why Your Stomach Is Always Bloated: Know The Reasons

Dr. Shruti Kainth    15-03-2019 Consult

The person suffering from the bloated stomach experiences stiffness, stomach growling and tight abdomen. Some people suffer from it always, which signifies their bad health. Bloated stomach causes swelling in the abdominal area with air trapped in the digestive tract hence, the condition is uneasy and painful.

1. Eating Too Fast:

If you have a habit of eating too fast then you have invited the problem of bloating stomach. Eating too fast traps the air inside the digestive tract. Also, when eating rapidly, you generally do not chew food in the manner it should be. Hence, the larger pieces which go inside the gut takes a longer time to digest. Thereby, giving you an uneasy bloated stomach.

2. Habit Of Drinking Soda/Aerated Drinks:

Drinking soda causes swelling in the abdominal area. Carbonated drinks trap the air that can move down to the digestive tract causing the problem of bloating. Hence, if you have the habit of drinking soda, say No to it right now.

3. Eating Beans A Lot:

If you are a lover of eating beans, lentils or chickpeas then you may definitely suffer from the problem of a bloated stomach. The above-mentioned food products have high carbohydrates which are not easily digestible hence, causing gas and bloated stomach.

4. No Gap Between Dinner And Bedtime:

It is extremely necessary to have at least 2-3 hours distance between your dinner and bedtime. If you do not take any gap between eating food and lying down then you will definitely suffer from the bloating problem. Food takes time to break down and digest hence, sleeping just after eating hinders the process, posing a problem in your abdomen.

5. Ignoring Food Allergies:

There are some foods which might not suit your body type. Observe on that list and avoid eating those foods. For example, you might feel fuller and stiff stomach after eating chickpeas or beans and so on. Thus, make a list of those foods and eat them wisely.


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