Your Guide To Good Posture - How to Improve Your Posture?

Ms. Anupa Mahanty    01-10-2016 Consult

Now that you have been scared straight with Dr. Richa's article on how your posture affects you, it is time to fix your posture!Good posture not only bulletproofs your body against injury and pain but also determines how much you will succeed in life. Here are some tips to maintain good posture:

How You Exercise
Strengthen your core through workouts such as yoga or pilates or any program that targets your entire core with slow, controlled movements. 

How You Sit
Sit with your back aligned against the back of your office chair. Do your best to avoid slouching or leaning forward. When sitting on an office chair at a desk, arms should be flexed at a 75 to 90 degree angle at the elbows. Keep your knees even with the hips or slightly higher. Make sure both feet are flat on the floor.  But most importantly get up, walk around, and stretch every once in awhile. 

How You Stand
Stand with your weight mostly on the balls of your feet and not on your heels. Keep your feet slightly apart (around shoulder width). Allow your arms to hang naturally down the sides of your body and avoid locking your knees. If you find yourself standing for a long period of time, shift your weight from one foot to the other or rock from heels to toes. Tuck the chin in a little to keep the head level. And of course stand straight and tall with your shoulders upright. 

How You Walk
When walking, be sure to keep your head up and your eyes looking straight ahead. Avoid pushing your head forward and keep your shoulders properly aligned with the rest of the body. 

How You Drive
Sit with your back firmly against the seat. Keep the seat a proper distance from the pedals and steering wheel to avoid leaning forward or having to strain to reach the wheel. The headrest should support the middle of the head to keep it upright. Tilt the headrest forward, if possible, to make sure the head to headrest distance is not more than four inches.

Try implementing these tips in your daily life and I am sure you will see the difference for yourself. For all other health issues, you have US.

"A good stance and a posture reflect a proper state of mind"