Pediatric Triage

Infants, toddlers and children are more prone to sickness than adults due to a weak immune system. Naturally this results in concerned parents when their little angels are not doing well.

Doctor Insta’s videoconferencing mechanism helps doctors evaluate your child’s conditions immediately by assessing the severity of their illness or injury. Most cases are easily treatable with prescription or nonprescription therapy; and of course, our doctors are always there to answer any questions you may have.

Through at-home access to doctors, Doctor Insta eliminates the risk of exposure to millions of healthcare associated infections in a hospital/clinic.

Cold / Cough / Flu

Doctor Insta can save you the hassle of physically visiting a pediatrician by diagnosing common symptoms related to upper respiratory infections. (Upper respiratory infections broadly include flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, runny noses, coughs and colds.)

Diagnosis – Listening

Listening to the patient’s descriptions of symptoms, recent travel, past history and surrounding conditions helps the pediatrician diagnose upper respiratory infections.

Diagnosis – Inspection and Exam

Videoconferencing helps pediatrician examine signs of redness or puffiness in the patient’s throat. Other visual and verbal cues help doctors examine areas of pain and pressure in order to check for fluid buildup and signs of bronchitis.

Skin Issues / Rashes

Conditions Affecting the Skin – Pediatric

Skin being the largest organ in the human body makes it very susceptible to a vast range of ailments. Allergies, rashes, insect bites, scrapes, hives, sores and boils are the most common skin conditions in children.

How We Diagnose

Through our videoconferencing service doctors can visually diagnose the skin condition by observing patterns, features, signs and symptoms.

Using the Camera

The ability to transmit high-resolution pictures to doctors, gives the opportunity to make better diagnosis and monitor recovery.

Common Treatment

Depending on the child’s condition, the doctor may prescribe home remedies or medical treatment. Most common treatments include tropical ointments, creams, prescription medications and household objects.

Other things that we treat:

  • Make sure your child is meeting developmental milestones in growth, behavior, and skills.
  • Diagnose and treat your child's illnesses, infections, injuries, and other health problems.
  • Give you information about your child's health, safety, nutrition, and fitness needs.
  • Answer your questions about your child's growth and development.
  • Refer to and collaborate with specialists should your child need care beyond the pediatrician's expertise.

What we don't treat

Common conditions like sudden rashes, mild sprains, stomach upsets and other minor conditions can be diagnosed and treated via video conferences through Doctor Insta. However, serious and chronic conditions require urgent in-person care.

Sudden falls resulting in swelling, choking, trouble breathing, severe muscle tears, severe allergies and severe eye related injuries require timely in-person medical care. Doctor Insta’s team of pediatricians knows how to tell signs for immediate in-person care and will gladly.

Chronic conditions in children present recurring symptoms and require frequent in-person doctor visits. Doctor Insta is not meant to replace the care from your primary pediatrician, thus, for effective treatment of chronic conditions, constant consultation with your primary pediatrician is very important.