Quality & Oversight

Imagine you could rate your doctor after each visit in categories like Knowledge, Patience, Helpfulness and communication. Doctor Insta does just this!

After each visit we ask you to rate your experience. These user ratings give us an opportunity to check in on our providers and increase the quality of service wherever possible. Ratings also give us better understanding on the level of Doctor’s professionalism and service and the patient's view on the helpfulness of their doctor.

Our peer reviews add another layer of quality. For peer reviews, another doctor blindly scores each doctor’s consultations. We combine the peer and patient ratings along with other metrics like as discussed above to provide each doctor with robust feedback. Our ultimate goal is providing our users the best service possible.

In addition to rating our doctors and patient experiences, the actual health of our patients is of utmost importance to us. Doctor Insta constantly follows up with patients after their visits to assess their state of health. In more than 99% of treatable cases, patients report their symptoms to be completely resolved. In case the patient isn’t doing better, Doctor Insta can clearly suggest a best alternate course of action.